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Garlic is commonly used in any dishes as an important spice. Native to Central Asia, garlic is also a family of other spices that includes chive, onion, shallot, Chinese onion, and leek. Because of its known health benefits, this popular spice are used as an antiseptic for treating wounds and other skin disorder such as acne and common fungi infection. The same nutrient content from its relatives, garlic also contains properties that resembles to its Allium family, which are very distinct in treating common diseases and specific health risk. Garlic Nutrition Garlic are abundant in manganese that has a vital role in bone production, skin health, and diabetes prevention. Apart from it, the content of vitamin C from garlic can aid protection…show more content…
Garlic are rich in antioxidants that has a major role in preventing inflammation. Impeding inflammation lowers the risk of cell and tissue degeneration which can lead to chronic heart disease. Associated with cardiovascular disease is the LDL or bad cholesterol production in our body. Garlic prevents bad cholesterol from manifesting in our system, most especially in our cardiovascular system, by increasing the production of HDL (good cholesterol) cause by allicin compound. On the other hand, the presence of allicin may regulate blood flow that reduces hypertension and blood pressure. Treats common cold Allicin can prevent common cold and its symptoms. Colds that last for days caused by lack of nutrient intake can be a big problem to your everyday activity. Alicin in garlic can reduce the length of cold symptoms by 70%. Instead of suffering from cold for five days, it would be reduced to one and a half day. Another antioxidant that is responsible for boosting our immune system is vitamin C. Allicin together with vitamin C can give you an excellent immune system performance and protection from common
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