Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Marriage is a sacred commitment between two individuals joined in matrimony. Once a

person felt an intimate affection or an intense feeling of tender and compassion, when love is

present, then he/she could marry regardless the gender of his/her partner. People are habituated

with equal rights which they need to preserve. LGBT people carry the same rights as normal

individuals which means they are free to select who to marry. It may vary from culture to culture

but the fact that we are free to appoint who our partner would be, never changes.

The legalization of same sex marriage is still an enormous issue for us here in the

Philippines. If we permit gay marriage to join in matrimony, it would not destroy nor weaken the

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Having kids

being taken out of foster care and being raised by a pair of loving caring, and supportive parents

could never be deleterious in the society. If the parenthood is right, then children would grow

normal and with exceptional etiquette.

The legalization of same sex marriage would also give benefits to our society. It would

promote equality. We live in the land of the free. We carry our rights and freedom. LGBT people

should never feel separated from us because they are created as humans too. If they would gain

the right of marrying the same sex, we would learn how to accept them and the fact that they should

be accustomed with the same privileges as ours. Aside from those facts, the legalization of same

sex marriage would also help us attain civil liberties. It would correct social injustice. People`s

perception about gays and lesbians would be changed and they would master how to be considerate

to those who prefer to alter their genders and be delighted of who they really are. In conclusion,

all that really matters is that they do not afflict others and they do not generate any harm in
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To sum this up all, gay marriage should be legalized in our country. Obstructing gay

couples to marry the same sex is a form of a discriminative act. People should begin opening their

minds and understanding toward this issue. If we were in their shoes, would we not fight for our own rights? Atty. Kapunan once aforementioned in an interview, “The path to legalize same-sex

marriage would be a long one, though current law allowed some members of the LGBT to get

married.” (Rosero, 2015) This is a signal that the implementation of same sex marriage here in the

Philippines is not impossible. It may or may not be accredited by the law depending on how people

would foresee these things and issues. It is not a choice to be gay. Why would anyone pick a life

of humiliation and discrimination? The Philippine government should take a step on this. There is

no legal reason for its illegalization. Laws are designed to make us feel that we are secured and

protected so are gays and lesbians, they are people too. Let us not fear change and
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