Essay About Gay Parenting In The Philippines

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Even before, homosexual parenting has been the center of attention. At home, school, church and congress are battling for legalizing homosexual parenting (Papas, 2012). However some of the nations are already permitted homosexual individual to adopt children. These nations allowed homosexual parents to adopt also allowed homosexual couples to get married through same-sex marriage program by the unity among government, religious community and by the people of the nation.
At times, people’s perception of an ideal family is the reason of prejudgment and hatred of homosexuals (Ang, 2009). This perception has been passes from generation to generation then oftentimes lead to many prejudgments and discriminations to homosexual individuals. People do really do judgments without even thinking practically on what the nation’s facing.
The homosexual association’s background is not taught in both private and public
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This is all because according to Philippine Constitution children whose parents are not married is unlawful. Unlawful in the way that it is classified as unwanted and the child’s parents have not done sacramental process which is called marriage. Marriage for the homosexual couples is not entertained because same-sex marriage is not allowed in the Catholic community. Same-sex marriage is also the reason why it is also strongly supported by the religious community, for it is not good in the eyes of God because, as what they stated that woman is created for man, neither woman to woman, nor man to man. Also, it is not good in the eyes of other people since Philippines is a religious country.
Child who is raised by homosexual parents is unlawful; hence, the child should be in his/her biological parents’ supervision. It is unlawful because country like Philippines is not legalizing adoption for homosexual

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