The Importance Of Media Awareness

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In past different youth at different times have varying levels of technology as well as media-related expertise, interest, and motivation. Nowadays, “hanging out,” “messing around,” and “geeking out” represent differing levels of engagement of young people in media activities (Ito, 2010). These activities combine an understanding of technical, social, and cultural behavior which is worldwide popular. Mobile phones or the Internet are extensively spread among young people, and thus they regard online communication as a permanent grounds of socializing where they are engaged in conversation which is private and primarily defined by friends and peers. Although in most cases they prefer to hang out with their friends offline, they still communicate…show more content…
Thus, media awareness is an important aspect of this participation and it comes from the information obtained from searching and the desire and ability to play around with media. The growing availability of information in online spaces has started to transform young people’s attitudes toward the availability and accessibility of information (Hargittai 2004, 2007; Robinson 2007; Eagleton and Dobler, 2007). Many online research involve finding information to facilitate the completion of their assignments and school tasks, or looking for a “cheat” for a particular game. Thus, looking around online and searching is an important step to gather information about their hobby as…show more content…
When entering faculty, those who were highly engaged with media production or gaming come across new friends who shared some of these interests. Therefore, messing around shows the advantages of growing up in an era of interactive media, and social networks.

Geeking Out

Geeking out is the third genre of participation which refers to a powerful commitment or engagement with media or technology. The term may be used to describe the everyday practice of some young people, and it is characterized by intensive and frequent use of new media, high level of specialized knowledge attached to alternative models of status and credibility and a willingness to bend or break social and technological rules (Ito, 2010).

For many young people, the ability to engage with media and technology in an intense, autonomous, and interest-driven way is a unique feature of the media environment nowadays. the Internet can provide access to a huge amount of information related to particular interests of young people, especially for those possessing new technology and high-speed Internet access at
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