Importance Of Being A Golden Girl Essay

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Golden Girls holds a special place in my heart. To be a Golden Girl means joining a legacy that has been established for over 45 years. It has truly been a gratifying and enriching experience.
Golden Girls is a true sisterhood. The bond between each and every member is unbreakable, and the love for each other is something that only comes once in a lifetime. This organization allows people to share a common bond and build strong lifelong relationships. I am truly thankful to call Golden Girls my second family.
Golden Girls has emphasized the importance of determination, self discipline, confidence, and teamwork. There is a tremendous amount of work that is done to uphold the Golden Girl standards. Many people see the final performances but they do not see what goes on behind-the-scenes to get there. Countless hours of training are being put in to be able to produce a spectacular performance. Self-discipline is key. You have to be willing
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Throughout my journey as a Golden Girl, I have dedicated myself to this organization 110%. Every day, I think to about how I can improve myself to better serve the team. I have the drive and commitment to achieve and the ability to persevere in the face of setbacks. Serving as officer has helped me develop important skills for the future. I have learned that an officer is first and foremost a team member, but they have to discover the perfect balance between being a team member and a leader. Another valuable skill that I have learned is responsibility. This is an essential trait that shows maturity, integrity, and dependability which allows the team to gain your respect and serve as a better leader. The key to earning respect is to treat your members with compassion and

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