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English countries and tend to forget the fact that most countries such as Pakistan have English as their second language, in which case, their theories about the society shaping a child’s grammar proves wrong. In Pakistan we need grammar books to shape a child’s English speaking and writing skills .From the elementary level, children are asked to write an essay and for that grammar is very important .Otherwise they will make errors in writing. Children doing O level need these books to teach them what the society doesn’t.
Apart from this, there is not correct use of grammar in Pakistan and most people use broken, bad English for example, majority people in Pakistan use past tense with didn’t while others don’t, know the proper use of it at
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Besides reading and writing, grammar also help in speaking as someone will know the rules of grammar he/she can easily think sentence while talking to others. Now there are very good activity books of grammar that are being taught in private schools and through activity base learning, students take much interest to learn the grammar rules in class. They like to work in pairs and groups to show their interest towards grammar. Teachers can also design meaningful tasks for teaching grammar to make the lesson more easy and interesting for the learners.
In spite of these theories, nobody can deny the role of grammar in learning language. If someone will know the proper rules and structure of grammar, he will make less grammar mistakes in speaking and writing as well. Taking English as a second language we have to put our own efforts to learn grammar and its proper usage .When students will have grip on tenses and will know the sentence structure using noun, pronoun, verb and adverb etc, they will show much interest in learning grammar. They will also enjoy the activities related to grammar in pairs and groups in class

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