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An Experience Too Good To Miss in Turkey - Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar is an experience one should not miss when visiting Istanbul. A step back in time to the 15th century, truly an involvement that’s totally exhilarating. As one of the few existing old and covered markets in the world today, the 3000 shops full of colorful and exotic wares lining up Grand Bazaar’s 60 streets more than make up for the intoxicating experience they each contribute to the total scene with the richness of the exposure. You plan to buy a souvenir from one of the shops or not, you have to make a point of visiting this famous Istanbul landmark for an Istanbul sortie is only complete when it includes the kaleidoscopic Grand Bazaar immersion.
The sight and atmosphere within Grand Bazaar sometimes can be too overwhelming for first timers. A decent majority of
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• Pierre Loti Hotel another 4 Star Hotel can be found in Piyerloti Cad. No 1 within the Old City Center of Istanbul.

• Aprilis Hotel yet another Hotel with a 4 Star rating, 0.2 km away from Grand Bazaar and is located at an address in Binbirdirek Mah, Istanbul.

• Sultanahmet Newport Hotel, well this hotel is not a 4 Star hotel but has excellent reviews from previous clientele, very pleased with the services from friendly and accommodating staff. Conveniently located 0.2 km away from Grand Bazaar at Binbirdirek Mahallesi Peykhane Sokak, Istanbul.

If you’re planning to travel the world in a few days, months or within next year, note Istanbul as one of your destination. Get a taste of ancient exotic lifestyle and merchandises by mixing in with the Grand Bazaar crowd haggling for souvenirs, getting a bite or two from the cafes and tea houses abounding the grand old market for an experience you can talk about for many years. Be one of those that gained a lot from a Grand Bazaar exposure; book your hotel now to be able to have the best

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