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When I was 14 years old and afraid of practically everything, my music teacher came up to me during class out of the blue and told me, “I am so grateful that a kid like you is in this program.” At the time, I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I held onto the idea that hopefully I would be able to live up to the way he talked about me. Here I am three years later, getting to say all the long hours and hard work I put into our music department helps me not only make myself better, but to better the kids around me who will eventually take my place. And it all started with a little grateful comment. Gratitude is something we all define a little differently, but can have one of the most influential impacts on our lives when used correctly.…show more content…
I am someone who writes about the things they are thankful for and love in their phone at night, someone who likes to compliment people and help them out or tell them when I am grateful for them on random occasions, and I am someone who normally tries to see the awe and the good in the world. Learning about this class and about gratitude was something that made me realize a lot about myself rather than a ton of new ideas. But, like the world likes to do, I found myself in a rough spot about halfway through the class. Suddenly my grades were dropping and I wasn’t able to keep up even though I had coined myself as a good student which was a struggle for my identity and my scores. I know that all these articles and experiences have been in a positive light for gratitude, but nothing is going to instantly change your life. So many success stories came from the people I had this class with, but it just wasn 't for me at this time. I felt pressured by myself to write something beautiful everyday which resulted in me not writing for days at a time, and consistency was really what got me down. Now that I can reflect I feel like because I am so young, that this experiment would have worked better if I would have done it in five years after I know myself more and have a better idea of how to work with my
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