Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Birmingham

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Growing Up in Birmingham I arrived into this world on May 1st 1998. I was born at St. Vincent's hospital in downtown Birmingham. To say that Birmingham is in my blood would be an understatement. In fact, just about my entire immediate family is from Birmingham. My mother, Susan was born in Birmingham and has lived here all of her life. My mom attended Altomont high school and after she graduated from the University of Alabama, she attended nursing school at UAB. My father, Will, attended Mountain Brook high school and after graduating from Sewanee, he attended the Cumberland school of law. My uncle, Jim, attended Mountain Brook high school and after he graduated the University of Auburn, he attended the Cumberland school of law. To top it off, my grandfather, the honorable Judge…show more content…
However, I really like that we are not quite as large as other cities. Being smaller provides a place for residents of the city to become involved in the city and make a difference. In fact, I know many people that have been involved in the city. My neighbor was on the Mountain Brook city council and my friend's father was the mayor. Birmingham is a place for people to get involved in the community and I really appreciate that. My father was on the board of the Lakeshore foundation, a place where paraplegic people come to train and improve their lives. My grandmother was a founder of pre-school partners, an organization that provides opportunities for underprivileged kids that they would otherwise not have. I really think that Birmingham provided opportunities that wouldn't be possible in other cities. We have these opportunities to become involved because Birmingham is willing to help others and people have a desire to improve the lives of others. I think that Birmingham is the essence of southern hospitality. Anywhere you go, people are always friendly to you and always willing to listen and offer a helping
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