Essay About Growing Up In Cuba

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Growing up in Cuba, boys and girls were freely allowed to play with one another. Many girls would climb big trees to get fresh savory mangos. They would fall and scrape their knees while playing hide and seek and even play sports which were considered “manly”. Many girls preferred to work outside the house, they would perform jobs such as; repairing a broken fence or painting the house. Boys were never told not to play with the girls, in fact, they would also help out around the house and clean dishes after a meal. Feminism was never really an issue.
I remember waking up every Saturday morning to go to the river with my friends. At the river, I could smell the fresh air coming from the East. The view was breathtaking, there was a giant waterfall we used to jump from. We would all play in the water together, there was no such thing as girls play in one side and boys in the other everything was one and the same. After an entire day at the river, just when you thought everyone was worn-out and ready for a long nap, we were all rushing to get home to play baseball. Girls and boys from the neighborhood would gather together, in a deserted field at five in the afternoon to play baseball all night long. This was the life I lived in Cuba full of joy and freedom. I was never
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Life in this country was nothing like life back home. I was lost and confused. My perspective about feminism changed drastically. My first year living in Chicago was like sitting in History class for an extended period of time learning about different cultures and traditions. There was people from everywhere around the world with many different beliefs, although there was one topic everyone was equally familiar with (feminism). It wasn’t until my seventh grade year that I started putting pieces together to realize how women 's liberation manipulated many people’s minds to persist with the idea that women should act or behave a certain
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