Hiv Problems In China

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HIV has been a huge problem not only China but all over the world. It has been described as one of the most prevalence disease that is spreading in an incredibly fast speed. The sad thing is that there is no cure for HIV at present, and HIV kills. Further more, there are still lots of people out there who are not aware of the nature of HIV and do not know how to prevent themselves from getting HIV. However, there are ways and solutions that have been proposed toward this problem. This essay is going to talk about the current HIV situation and problems in China as well as giving three solutions that have been proposed toward this problem: public awareness, better access to hospital tests and free condoms and protection.
First of all, some people
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20 years ago, only about 10% of Chines people use condoms when having sex, and nowadays the percentage of Chinese people who have protective sex is 50%. We can clearly see that the percentage has increased over time, but still, there are 50% of Chinese people who don’t use protection when having sex. As we all know, not having protected sex could increase the possibility of getting HIV. So, government set small stations to provide people with free condoms. In Henan, China, there are more than 3000 small stations where people could get free condoms using their ID cards. In lots of other parts of China, you can even get free condoms online. In this way, people who could not afford condoms or do not want to pay for condoms could have access to protected sex. This solution could be really effective if people who do not need condoms would not just take one for fun. Also, it would not cost much for the government since the condoms are not expensive. Therefore, providing free condoms for the public is a very effective way to reduce the problems of

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