Essay About Happiness

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Happiness is a feeling or showing pleasure or having a life full of joy, which is a skill that can be developed through continuous exercise. A person can be happy by practicing how to dominate and control his nervous energy and feelings. Everyone wishes to seek happiness. Happiness is not a simple goal, but is about making progress, when it is elusive as ever. Happiness gives the person the motivation for success. Researchers see that happiness relating to the satisfaction of the person’s life, so the concept of happiness is different from person to person. 50% of happiness comes from the person cope with the circumstances of life. There are many ways to be happy, think positive, set your goals, and do what you love. For begging positive thinking…show more content…
It helps to change the person’s life into better. When the person sets his goal in his life, he will recognize the path that he will seek through his life. For instance, a person who has economic problems that forced him to work a job that he never liked and not what he was dreaming of. which is not appropriate for him and not what he was dreaming to. One day he decided to achieve his own desired dream and started to challenge all the obstacles that he might face. He resigned from his job that was save him from economic problems. He became a stronger person and eventually achieved his goal. Thus, when that person chose to give up on his life’s secondary issues and only focus in his goal, he started to see his future clearly and by this he can decide how his future will be. Also, he has only one concern in his life which is the path that will make him a successful person he always wanted to be. Moreover, when a person reach his achievements he will achieve his happiness because he will get high attention. In short, people whom achieve their goals they will have more satisfaction and feel happiness. The last and most important step to be happy is enjoying doing what you like. According to the famous quote that almost everybody knows “Do more of what makes you happy”, doing the things you love to do can be a reason of happiness. For instance, each person has his special things that he
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