Persuasive Essay On Happy Birthday

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Why so serious? Turning over another year should be fun! Make the day of a family or friend special by greeting them in the coolest way possible.Let every birthday be memorable, special and awesome. Bring a smile on someone’s birthday today.
1. Another year for you. Don’t mess this one up! Does it matter? Just have fun! Happy birthday!
2. Stay positive! Like the grade of your eyeglasses that keeps climbing up every year! Happy birthday!
3. They say that with age comes more wisdom. Probably not in every case. Happy Birthday!
4. Wishing you more back breaking fun, crazier rollercoaster rides, and Amazon wild adventures to come. Just be sure to stay alive for the next birthdays to come! Happy Birthday!
5. Careful not to blow off that birthday candle too hard or your wig might come along with it too. Happy birthday! Stay Awesome!
6. May you be as rich as Tony Stark, as handsome as Steve Rogers, As sexy as Thor, as sharp as Clint Barton and as
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The fun thing about growing older is seeing who loses more hair or teeth first. I hope you do! Happy birthday!
17. We used to play Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or N’sync during our parties and go crazy. If we play them now, the kids will have this stunned blank look in their faces. All they know are the singers or boy groups that we don’t even know. Nothing beats the music of our generation! I am happy to have someone to reminisce those days with. Do you still have those cassette tapes? Let’s play them! Well, I guess cassette players don’t exist anymore. Happy birthday! I’m glad there is someone from the timeline I came from!
18. A year closer to that hard earned pension. Congratulations! You are a year closer! Happy Birthday!
19. You don’t look 40 at all! I’m a great friend like that! Happy 30th birthday! Let’s stay 30 as long as we can.
20. Don’t worry mom. No matter how you look, my friends will tell me you look young for your age. They are awesome like that! Happy Birthday! I love you no matter how much the

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