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Cause-Effect Essay Outline
I. Introduction
A. Hook/Attention Getter: Haze, one of the familiar words that have always come into our mind when we hear and discuss environmental problems. According to Khoo, (2006), an atmospheric prodigy where pollutant particles which are called smog, amass in the air and indistinct the normal clarity of the sky is named as haze. B. General Statement: There is nothing we could deny that haze is one of the biggest environmental problems in the world and the intensified condition of haze make everything seems worse whether it is causing headache to the government or the society.

C. Thesis Statement: There is the main cause that brings up the issue of haze which is the open
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Topic Sentence: Open burning or forest fires is the root of producing haze to the air.

1. Supporting sentence: A forest fire is an illegal activity of open burning of the plantation industry’s companies.

a. Sub-supporting sentence: There is a good example that explains this haze problem. About a month ago, Malaysia had experience truly terrified of downfall in air pollution that caused by haze from Kalimantan and Sumatra in Indonesia. In fact, this is actually an annual smog that has been enveloping this region since 1997. i. Sub-sub supporting Sentence: According to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, there seemed to be the same story in and out with no panacea in sight to this forest fire. ii. Sub-sub supporting Sentence: The haze problem caused by forest fires is a regional crisis as prolonged haze takes time to be resolved.

2. Supporting sentence: Irresponsible act of these people who cause the haze problem has risen the Air Pollutant Index which stands for API.

i. Sub-supporting sentence: These companies burn the forest into land for cultivation as they think that it is the most cost-saving way to do for the plantation

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