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With great power comes great responsibility; a famous quotation from the movie Spiderman, this is what I have learned these days in my secondary school life.

The English Prefect was the service team that truly ignited my passion for English and I have gained loads of treasurable experiences from it. Being a head prefect in primary school, I was fascinated by this team name and once members before. But after that, I did not join it because I wanted to discover more about this school. Until form 5, I was being invited by the ex- English head prefect and finally picked up this major role, in order to enrich our school English-speaking environment.

Being an English head prefect in our school was somehow quite challenging. I needed to corporate
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Sometimes, there would be something that happened unexpectedly, like the teacher offered something to you in no time you can manage. I remember once our teacher asked me to decorate the board before the annual general meeting. He gave me a little time that what I can only do was to fully utilize all the manpower that I had. In the past, when I faced these problems without the help from other committee members, I used to be nerve-racked, empty minded at that time. But by the lapse of time, I used to handle these problems, trained myself to keep calm and found out the best solution to a second. When I am facing pressure, I know there is no wall that is insurmountable, what I can do is to be more persistent.

A good leader is a good follower. I believe putting myself into others’ shoes plays a key role to judge whether I am qualified or not to be a leader. In beginning, when I first picked up the role of English head prefect, I was not that careful and being too optimistic to urge our members to devote their time after school to stay behind and worked for us. After a few weeks, I noticed that some of our members found it difficult to stay behind and started not to work. I soon rearrange all the duties and finally the problem was
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