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The health care system of the Philippines, PhilHealth, has failed to function efficiently. On February 14, 1995, the Philippine government passed the law known as National Health Insurance Act, in order to institute the National Health Insurance Program for all Filipinos living in the Philipines. The goal of PhilHealth was to provide health insurance coverage for all Filipinos, and to ensure affordable and good quality health care services, and to manage its resources (hospitals, doctors) economically. A well-functioning health care system provides access to quality care regardless of people’s capacity to pay while protecting them against the financial consequences of ill health. However in the Philippines’ case, there is unfair
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Philippines could have a national health insurance funded by nationally levied tax, in which everyone must enroll like South Korea. Also there could be private health insurance exists to cover expenses that the national health insurance does not cover. In this system every Filipino living in Philippines is automatically enrolled in the health insurance. Everyone who is enrolled in the insurance must pay a premium, but to lower the cost of workers and individual people who have a job could pay half of the premium deducted out of their paycheck, and the employing company pays the other half. With the national health insurance there could be a medical protection policy which is an out-and-out welfare system where everything is paid for and there is no premium. These services should be reserved for the extremely poor, refugees, children of independence fighters and other significant contributors to the Philippines. For example in South Korea, which has an advanced national health care insurance, each family paid about $8000 a year for national health care for the premium and this way everyone gets affordable healthcare and everyone can visit just about any doctor for anything for less a relatively small amount of money. The whole system is really cheap and Koreans on the whole spend about 6.3 percent of its GDP on healthcare, which is lower than other countries in the world. Philippines could follow the national health care insurance

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