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Health Issues among Malaysian Adults 1.0 Introduction Health can be defined as the state of complete physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness and infirmity. WHO (2003)A healthy lifestyle offers a choice of living behaviours which maximize the state of wellness and decrease risk of illness and premature death. We will be discussed about the challenges of managing healthy lifestyle and how we can overcome the problem with proper reference. 2.0 Challenging of Managing Healthy Lifestyle 2.1 Obesity As for Malaysia, Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity. The recent Lancet study, showed that 49% of women and 44% men in Malaysia were found to be obese. According to Prof Dr.Norimah A Karim, vice president of the Malaysia Association for the…show more content…
”Wherever flaxseeds become a regular food item among the people, there will be better health.”-Mahatma Gandhi. Food is like money. Super foods are foods loaded with vitamins, mineral and other great nutrients that help fight disease, boost metabolism, and make you feel great. We have to concern on our food and eat vibrant colored vegetables. 3.2 Regular Check –ups For those with high blood sugar levels, it’s very important to lose weight, reduce stress and seek medical advice regularly. Regular medical check-ups with doctor helps to know the blood sugar level and can maintain the food. The main focus of treatment is to control of the amount of glucose in the body with a healthy diet and exercise. 3.3 Ways to quit smoking There are many ways to quit smoking by keeping busy is a great way to stay smoke free on quit day. By being busy keep mind off smoking and distract from cravings. Meanwhile, Dr Nirmal, said in response to the danger of tobacco smoking activities, the Ministry of Health had provided 30 quit clinics. Avoid smoking triggers and stay positive always and always seek for

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