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Should access to healthy food be a right for everyone? The answer to this question is yes. All people should eat healthy and if they want to let them. A partial reason why a lot of people do not eat healthy is because they do not have the money to do so. The grocery store has this system where all the junk food or the “snack food” are somewhat cheap, but all the fruits and vegetables and anything else that people might consider healthy has a ridiculous price. So if anyone actually wants to eat healthy it sometimes gets hard to do so. Everyone should have the right to eat healthy.
These foods should not have raised prices just because of what they are. In Food Inc. the director Robert Kenner mentions how a lot of people would like to eat healthy things, but just do not have the money to do so. The alternative is then to eat fast food or something along those lines. Doing this you can sometimes get a few burgers for less then it would be to buy beef and make them yourself. This option is also quicker and easier than making a meal. This option is yet the healthiest option because of
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You can buy a bag of chips for a dollar that might last you a while or buy a piece of fruit for the same price that will not last near as long. This is the delima people have to deal with everytime they go to the store because they only have so much money to spend. They want to use their money on something that might last whether on something that might not. Even though the food may be unhealthy if it fills up people's families more efficiently and for the same price as the healthy foods they there going to choose this option. Most people will always pick the cheaper more efficient option of the to regardless if it is good or bad. The price of healthy food needs to be lowered so that they can be affordable for anyone wanting to buy
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