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Sexy Long Hair Tips:

Hair Cut:

First of all get a professional hair cut for the first time and don’t hesitate to have a little shorter hair cut initially. This will remove split ends of your hair and will give you a style.


Massage warm castor oil into your scalp and hair to prevent split ends. As the days will pass your hair will grow. Trim your hair after every 6 to 8 weeks. Trim will keep your hair strong and healthy.

Washing Hair:

Be careful about washing your hair. Don’t wash your hair frequently. This will damage your hair and make them weak and will remove the natural oil of your hair.

Clean hair is the first step to having to healthy hair. But as you clean and wash, it essential to follow these few tips for long hair
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Let it stay for 25 to 30 minutes and then wash out with a soft shampoo. This homemade remedy will help you to in providing all required vitamins to your hair and prevents hair from falling.

Splitting Ends:

Splitting of your hair tips is going to happening no matter how much care you take! They are normal as your hair grows out.

Hair grows 6 inches per year at average. But due to regular damage, styling and other reasons hair get split ends. It is proven that healthy hair grows faster than damaged hair and so visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks is advised.

Let the hair dresser trim the lower portion of the hair. You need not trim a lot but 1 'inch every three months. After the haircut, use a leave in serum to help heal the split hairs and prevent further damage.

Use Mustard Oil:

Applying mustard oil is an old but effective way to make the dry and dull hair, stronger and healthier.

Use Neem 's Leaves:

Boil few neem’s leaves and wash out your hair with that neem’s water this tip will make your hair stronger and prevent them from falling.

Mix 200g of reetha seeds, 200g of dried amla powder, 200g of dried shikakai powder, 40g of aloe Vera juice and three glasses of hot water. Use this as a regular shampoo which will make your hair healthy and

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