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A heroes journey
To be a hero. No more does it take a brave knight draped in armor raving his sword at a fire breathing dragons to be a hero. To be a hero can be as simple as changing up from something you've been use to struggle a little bit but then rock it afterwards. Hero’s live amounts us everywhere. Here I will take you through one of my favorite hero journey stories. We will read about life before her journey, entering her journey and how she adapted, and how her life has changed since her journey. The story begins with the opening set of English Captain John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe as they gather there crew together to sail the seas hoping to find gold and preparing to kill any savages in there way. Amongst traveling the crew
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As a physical frightening fight break lose one of the Indians are shot and brought back to the village of his fellow warriors to heal and Pocahontas is warned to stay inside the village as it is no longer safe to leave. Pocahontas being the wild outgoing beauty that she is disobeys her father’s orders and continue to see captain john smith. Pocahontas teaches to john that they are not savages they are people just like his men and if anything they are the savages for coming there trying to take over there land. And in my perspective this is where the two fall in love. Pocahontas also explained to captain smith that they've came for no reason because the only thing they have in there lands that are gold is the corn they grow from the ground. Pocahontas introduces smith to grandma willow in the plans of somehow figuring out a way to create peace between the two and As Pocahontas disregards her fathers wishes and continues to see captain john smith she soon later figure she'd pay a heavy price for it as kocoum is killed by a man smith saved from drowning on ship. Slightly after kocoums death English captain john smith is sentence to death by the Indians and the English men prep for war as chief Powhatan declares
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