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Save lives and Fight for Justice: Heroes A hero can be defined as someone who risks their life to save another or helps those who are sick or less fortunate. There are many different types of heroes including but not limited to anti-heroes, everyday heroes, and super heroes. What are the key components that make up a hero? Heroes give hope for humanity.

Anti-heroes can be both fiction or nonfictional people. Another name for an anti-hero is vigilante. They are the heroes that do not follow the law, risk people’s lives and have no problem killing. For example, the fictional comic book character Arrow. The Arrow can be defined as an anti-hero because time and time again he has broken the law in pursuit of justice. As a wise man once
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They show selflessness and bravery in the sight of danger in order to save someone or many people’s lives, or simply by helping those in need. Not all heroes wear capes. One example of everyday heroes are the police. They risk their lives in order to save each individual. Police officers go in to work knowing that each day could be their last. They put themselves in harm’s way to protect complete strangers who solemnly appreciate the lengths and or danger they put themselves in, in order to protect each person. Another type of everyday heros are soldiers. Soldiers are the commendable people who chose to leave their love ones behind to fight for their country. Despite being warned by most people about the intimidating things that happen in the army, for instance loss of limbs and life, they still hit the ground running head first to fight the country’s battle in return saving millions of lives. In addition to the ones I have listed another example of everyday heroes are everyday civilians. Anyone can be a hero for instance the pedestrians who ran to help the victims of 9/11 or even the people who volunteer their time and money to help the sick and or unfortunate. Anyone who is willing to go out of their way to help others should be considered a
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