Essay About High School Life

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Each day of high school was more comfortable as I could face life with motivation. Getting through the activities of the day can be hard without motivation. That motivation was the reason that made me believe like I lived up my dreams. As an ambitious and young student, I thought that the teenage reflected my school life. I also found that if more of the youths set goals like high school students, they would be able to attain more success in their future life after school. This essay will portray my life as a high school student and remind me the focus I had in achieving my dreams. Additionally, it will give motivations to my peers who are aiming for success in their future endeavors. My family of two supportive parents made me happy in the…show more content…
According to me, I thought of taking up more significant responsibilities, complex projects, and hard class work. However, I was positive, and I was prepared to tackle everything that came my way. Many of the times I experienced brain-drying tasks. I can proudly say I survived all of this hurdles. The life of high school was way too different from the elementary, and anyone who passed through it can agree with me. Many aspects had changed, and I was not used to those changes. As the years went by, I became more accustomed to the life in high school, and I was able to adapt to it. Like any other class, our class was full of crazy and funny classmates. Furthermore, in my student life, I got used to being made fun of, rejected and all that. Similarly, I experienced ups and downs, but I focused on my dreams. I cherish those moments when we dared with my friends to do crazy things along the corridors. In conclusion, the high school life made me learn from mistakes, focus on my dreams and work hard in my studies. It also taught me to face life with bravely at awkward moments of life and not to quit until I reach the peak. However, the credits go to my parents for giving me the emotional and physical support that enabled me to achieve greater success. Finally, I am forever grateful to God for good health, spiritual guidance and protection throughout my entire high school
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