Essay About Hmong Heritage

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Heritage, what does it mean and how can it be achieved? Heritage refers to history, culture, religion, artifacts, and tradition that have a special meaning, particularly in society. Many of the aforementioned are simply habits and values that had been inculcated or handed down for generations from parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Heritage is what distinguishes one group from the others; it cannot be achieved because it is something we already have. Every culture has its own unique heritage; the Hmong people are no exception. Hmong heritage must be elucidated so that other cultures may witness the vibrant culture and its beautiful accoutrement. Hmong people must repudiate the notion that they are victims of vicissitude and…show more content…
Moreover, there is a misconception that Hmong people must identify themselves as Lao-Hmong simply because our parents and grandparents were from Laos. This stigmatism or ideology is what fueled the passion to promulgate Hmong people and their culture. More important, as older generations pass on, the knowledge of the culture, tradition, and heritage among Hmong-Americans will be lost if we remain stagnant. The time is now; we must collaborate and share our culture, our tradition, and our heritage. We must tell our Hmong story. The Hmong heritage must be preserved and recognized. The Hmong community of San Diego has been without a voice for quite some time. Perhaps, the community sense it was time to create a legacy for the Hmong people of San Diego; and be one of the first if not the first to pursued recognition for Hmong heritage. We know there is a Hispanic Heritage Month – nationally recognized and there is the Black Heritage Month, also nationally recognized. Similarly, recognizing Hmong heritage is salient and must be of the same caliber and magnitude. Only through a thorough comprehension of culture, traditions, religion, and history will we understand heritage; and only through recognizing the heritage
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