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As a kid I played a ton of hockey. My grandpa has an ice rink behind his house and every winter I would be over there as much as possible. I played so much that I was playing with the kids twice my size and still keeping up with them. Although they were a lot stronger than me so it was very tough to keep the puck away from them. As a kid my dream was to become an NHL hockey player and play for the Detroit Red Wings. I would play rollerblade hockey in my driveway for hours acting like I was on the Red Wings. This got me interested in how this game that I love, came to be. Hockey’s origin didn’t come from one man or country, but from many different people, cultures, and sports and as it grew, it became a very serious sport in many areas of the world. Hockey’s beginnings and rules were affected by a couple of different sports. The earliest known game which affected the creation of hockey was a stick and ball game played by men in Greece in the 400’s BCE. Archaeologists discovered pictures…show more content…
It was not just one single man who came up with the sport. When men from Europe came to North America they noticed that the natives were playing lacrosse which was very similar to their games back home and they used some of the principles of lacrosse in the creation of hockey. Another man who played a huge role in the creation of hockey was from Nova Scotia. His name was James Creighton and he brought all of his knowledge of ice hockey into Montreal, Canada where the first ever organized hockey game as we know it today was played. This man also decided that he wanted to try to play hockey indoors at the local ice skating rink, but he was scared that the ball would fly out of the rink and hurt somebody, so they took the cork bung from a beer barrel which was shaped like the hockey pucks we use today. He hoped that this would not be as easy to lift out of the rink and have less of a chance to seriously hurt

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