Essay About Homelessness

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4. Policy Recommendations, Feasibility and Implementation
There are some actual efforts made by various parties to reduce the number of homeless in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of Malaysia, but the percentage of the number of homeless people is still not diminished. Thus, we have formulated a set of policies that can reduce the number of homeless people increasingly troubling day by day. Police suggested by us is creating jobs and shelter to the homeless there.
Police suggested by us is creating jobs and shelter to the homeless around Malaysia. There are several administrative that provided to our policy, which are like General Government Departments, Social welfare Department and Education Department. In General Government Department, Majlis Bandaraya for the example can provide jobs as cleaners and parking coupon vending for the homeless. In this case, the
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This is because in issues to homeless we found that business and existing policies related to these homeless could not solve the problems related to this issue but there is also the work done at the moment seems to encourage these people to continue to be homeless.
As an example, the homeless such as already feel uncomfortable when given food for free and they have already set their minds as they would get food and money if they do not work. In the draft policy, basically houses will be built and given to the rings but they have to work to pay the rent and feed their households. With this, they can learn to be more independent and live life like everyone else. The main objective of this policy is to provide assistance to the homeless is about real life without depending on the help of various parties
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