Essay About Homeschooling

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“According to leading pedagogical research, at-home instruction may just be the most relevant, responsible, and effective way to educate children in the 21st century.”Homeschooling is a successful thing because in the article it said this lady had trouble with her son and once he started homeschooling her son learned to read. Homeschooling is a successful outcome because you tend to learn better and you can have more focus without getting distracted so easily.Homeschooling is a great thing because you can learn faster, get less distracted, and most of the kids get good grades and go to college. Although homeschooling can be bad because the kid may not have parents that are educated farther than a middle school student, however,…show more content…
In some articles, it may say that a lot of the kids that do homeschooling don’t learn past a middle school level and make it to college, but that is not true because in a lot of articles it says the succeed and do good in life and make it to college.“Research suggests that homeschool graduates who attend college do well academically and successfully integrate socially.”This shows that homeschooling did a good impact on them and they enjoyed homeschooling and they learned. This is important because it shows that kids that do homeschooling enjoy and have fun learning instead of going to a public school where you can get behind so easily.The home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. Homeschooling is something that is something that you will not regret and you learn so much better and efficiently.Although articles have their opinions and their reasons, homeschooling is good and
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