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Hotel management is the management system which controls everything about the hotel business.
I want to become a hotel manager by studying hotel management. A hotel manager is a professional trained to run and supervise the areas of reception, maintenance, staff, sales, administration, restaurants etc. A hotel manager carries out a large amount of functions in order to guarantee the maximum comfort for the customers. When you are a hotel manager you have to plan, organize and co-ordinate the functioning of the hotel.

The necessary studies to become a Hotel manager can be achieved in to different ways:
1. A University degree:
- You can study
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The school teaches hospitality and business. They teach a combination of actually two things: strong management skills and a leadership mindset in business and society.
5. They are counted among the top 5 of international best schools in the global survey carried out by TNS.
6. They love what they do and I believe that when you love what you do you are very good at it.

THE HAGUE PROGRAM STRUCTURE The Hague a bachelor’s program which I want to follow. The program is divided into 3 phases.
Phase 1 takes an amount of 1 year and you learn the basics during this period. Phase 2 is where you start developing your management and leadership skills and you learn how it is to become a manager this happens in 1 year and a half. And in phase 3 (1 and a half years) is where you learn how to kick start your career after your studies by going on internships and working on real life cases. This process takes a total of 4 years.

WHY DO I WANT TO STUDY THIS IN THE FUTURE? 1. Hotel management is amongst the fastest growing areas of employment in the world.
It has been proven that the number of people working in this industry stands at over a 100 million and that this is not decreasing any time soon, even with the economic

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