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Chapter 1: Introduction to Housekeeping

1.1 Definition
Every type of accommodation, may be private such as house or commercial such as hotels needs to be kept clean and safe so that it looks attractive and inviting to all. The fundamental concept of housekeeping originated from keeping the houses clean and has spread over to commercial environments becoming one of the most crucial aspects in these industries. Housekeeping can be defined as the department of a hotel which focuses on providing a clean, comfortable and safe environment for the guests. It is an intrinsic part of customer satisfaction and experience. Basically, housekeeping looks after cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms, corridors, lobbies, additionally handles the services such as laundry and to an extent security.

1.2 Importance
Dealing the most with customer interaction, the department is of immense importance for the smooth operations of the hotel. Some important aspects of housekeeping are:
• Comfort – The department aims to achieve maximum efficiency possible in the care and comfort of the guest
• Sanitation and hygiene – Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene
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