Essay About How To Leave The Past

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Learn How To Leave The Past Where It Belongs

Whether you are a teen or an adult, chances are you have experienced some form of emotional pain in the past. It is something that happens to everyone and part of what makes us human, but this does not mean that we have to continue dwelling on it. The past is not something that we can go back and change, yet many people end up spending more time thinking about their past than their future. Although our past experiences can shape who we are it does not have to define us. However, letting go of the past is not an easy process as it is often easier to cling to a familiar pain than it is to embrace an unknown future. It is not an overnight process, but learning to let go is the only way to move out of the past and into the present as well as future.

Accept That The Past Is Over
Regrets, anger, guilt, events, people, relationships. There are many things in our past that can cause us pain and make us wish that we could go back and do things differently. However, the first step in learning to let go of the past is to accept that it is over and that there is no way for us
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It means accepting that did happen, but that it does not have to continue happening in your mind. Part of accepting that the past is over is also making a conscious decision to let go. Letting go is not something that happens by itself, but instead it must be a commitment to stop reliving the pain and to stop constantly think of all the details that happened. Without this commitment it is much harder, if not impossible, to move on from the past. For many this acceptance is the hardest part of letting go, but without it there is no way to leave the past behind. It also helps to look at the past from a different, more positive angle. For example, instead of berating yourself for failures give yourself credit for getting through them and survived the
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