My Unforgettable Event In My Life

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My essay is on multiple events in which my uncle basically taught me how to live my life correctly. Looking back on the past, I can really see the growth in intelligence and wisdom, by how I live now. My uncle Bobby has had a major impact in the way my life has changed. He lived and worked as a full-time teacher up in Tupelo. He is very caring and always had us children up to par. I loved how goofy he could be but at the same time, he would keep us in our place. He would love to make us smile or entertain us, but we couldn’t just do or say what we wanted. If we stepped out of place, he would punish us. He was the type of guy that you loved to impress, and would always want to be doing good in his eyes..
Uncle Bobby was always interested in learning more in mechanics despite his lack of degrees. He believed in putting education in front of everything. It was very important to him to do the best with what you have. There were some things that I didn’t agree with at that time of course. For example, even though we were in the middle of the summer he always have his daughter McKinley doing school work every day but would include the rest of us as well. Oh how we dreaded that work so much, in our heads thinking, why in the heck are we doing school work in the middle of
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Like a little pair of eyes following you around? After we moved away from him, I had this feeling for a while. I can’t see him, but I can feel his presence when im down here. Whenever I got this feeling, I would do what I thought he would approve of, or call and ask him. If I was in a situation with no one watching, I would do right because I felt that someone was watching. I would always use proper language where needed best. These were little things but it meant a lot to me because I still want him to know that I learned from his teachings. I wasn’t just another “bad kid.” I felt like I was making him smile, and it made me feel
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