Cruelty: The Validity Of Humans

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The vast majority of the human race is cruel, selfish, and vain. What is it that makes humans dangerous and separates us from other animals? It is the so called, "superior intellect" we all possess. That "advantage", we humans have, is often used and exploited to open up new pits of endless cruelty,selfishness, and judgement. Humankind has a never ending potential for malice and greed, whether it be malice directly towards others, or malice that stems from complete and utter selfishness and greed, exploiting others to take what you need or want from them. Which is why, in a world so godforsaken, the only thing you can really try to do is to not be a bother or nuisance to others, to make them think you 're good enough to keep around, good enough not to cast off like trash.

The world is vain, or rather, people are vain. Anyone can say what they want, or deny it, but all anyone ever cares about is appearance. A person I know in real life once told me about how a person they
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People have been known to have an immense dislike or fear for spiders, snakes, sharks, tigers, bears etc because they 're a bother and threat to their well being. While understandably, it is not at all well viewed to kill a dog, it is viewed as common sense to kill spiders on sight, why? Because they 're a potential threat and they 're scary. No one wants anything to do with nuisances or burdens or ugly things if theres no benefit from it. Quite frankly, humans literally getting rid of nuisances does not stop with just animals, it applies to people as well, jails and the death penalty are proof of that. When a person is deemed a threat to society and are caught, they are also either incarcerated or killed depending on how dangerous they are. People don 't want to deal with nuisances or threats, so they put them out. After all what beneficial purpose do they serve to
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