Effects Of Human Trafficking

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A main issue that lives around us today is human trafficking. Many people are affected by human trafficking. Although it is not that noticeable, it is happening all around the world even in our own community. We may not realize how often it happens or who it affects. It affects men, women, boys, and girls all around the globe. This is a crime that I believe can be stopped with the help of everyone around the world. I plan to become a criminal justice lawyer so I will be able to help others that are being affected by trafficking. This crime of human trafficking through sex, labor, and smuggling drugs is prevalent in our world today.
A way people are affected by human trafficking is through sex. Sex trafficking is a cruel way to torture woman
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In the journal Human Trafficking Center it states ninety-eight percent woman are affected and two percent men are affected (“About the Problem”). Many are affected by sex trafficking no matter their sexuality, age, or nationality. In some cases, the traffickers have experiences with each other of those being taken advantage of. The article, "About the Problem" actually states, "In many cases, traffickers are related to or are close acquaintances of those they are exploiting.” This, in my opinion, can help people who are trying to find someone being trafficked or someone about to stop it and help them. Hundreds and thousands are affected all over the world by sex trafficking. Twenty point nine million to be in fact. This is also stated in the article “About the Problem.” It also says that criminals are making up to ninety-nine billion dollars from sex trafficking. Criminals are making a ton of money from just one victim. The article “About the Problem” also states, “Victims of sexual exploitation garner the highest profits for traffickers, at a global…show more content…
A way to get “cheap labor” basically, I believe. This is a crime that most people are unaware of. In the journal National Human Trafficking Hotline it is stated that the United State may even buy foreign products that could have been made by victims of labor trafficking (“Labor Trafficking”). This article also states that in the year 2017, six thousand one hundred fifteen cases were affected by labor trafficking. Also, that labor trafficking is fueled by violence, lies, and threats. Labor trafficking is a form of slavery. The article “Labor Trafficking” defines labor trafficking as, “The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage or slavery.” Throughout the article, the author informs us that most victims affected by labor trafficking work in homes making food products or consumer goods. This is when the United States could come into play by buying the food products or consumer goods they make, paying the criminals for labor trafficking an innocent human being. Labor trafficking is happening everywhere and we, the people of the world, need to be more aware of that this is actually taking place all around the earth. Labor trafficking is a crime in today’s life, but there are other methods of trafficking that
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