Hunting Dog Training Essay

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10 Tips for Hunting Dog Training You Should Never Forget
Meta Description: Want to take your dogs for the next open season? Then, you better start your hunting dog training now! Learn how with these tips.
Hunters usually take dogs during an open season more as partners than as companions. These animals have incredible senses of smell and sight – the same characteristics you need to catch your quarry.
However, the thing is, dogs are not all born natural predators. Some may become too excited and start running around the vast field ahead of them. Others, on the contrary, may feel scared at the sound of gunshots and the view of larger games.
You definitely cannot afford to have the man’s best friend acting either way, can you? The
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You should instruct them how to ‘Stay’, ‘Come’, and ‘Retrieve’ instead.
Although there are professional obedience schools that the dogs can enter, it’s still better to guide them yourself. In this manner, the pup won’t think twice before obeying you in the field when it’s used to your orders.
2. Teach how to react after firing a shot
Different gun dogs specialize in diverse specific creatures. There are breeds that track flying birds, fight wild pigs or foxes, or snatch fallen animals from the water. But one trait they all share is the eagerness to run towards their prey before you even say so.
A proper hunting dog training, therefore, covers teaching it to remain calm before and after you shoot the game. Skipping this tip can just make your animal a distraction to you and other hunters.
3. Make it an awesome marker
Considering your dog is a year old, it will initially only want to play around without care in the world. Even when it’s from a sporting breed, you still need to help the pet understand how to mark a target.
You can achieve that by teaching it to hide within the grass or near the water. After all, that’s where shot quarries tend to
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