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First, I have to introduce myself, my name is Ibn Sina. I am 52 years of age, and I am Iranian. I was born in a small place near Bukhara called Afshaneh. I first started school in Bukhara and I listened closely and studied a lot by the age of 10, I knew a lot about science and many verses from the Quran. When I grew older I started studying medicine I just so happened to cure the king of Bukhara when all the physicians and chemists gave up! He wanted to reward me with sliver, gold or anything I desired but I said no I would rather use the library to expand my knowledge. When I was twenty-one I wrote my own book and became a highly trained physician. Sadly when my dad died I decided to leave Bukhara and left to a place called jurjan to clear my head there. I met a very good person named Al-Biruni. I decided later to move to two places to discover new things and finally write another book I decided to call “Al-Quanun fi Al-tibb”. I was also voted one of the greatest thinkers of my time; I branched out and did astronomy, math and many other sciences. In the end, I wrote approximately 400 pieces of work and so far I have written 98 books but I am planning on writing another one. Now enough…show more content…
This book covered over 760 drugs and other illnesses including: meningitis, child health and many more. This can tell generations of my work and give them a head start of finding cures to all the illnesses and showing them some knowledge on the cures I have found. This helps the empire advance in medicine and we would not have to be scared of getting sick. This is why I made the most scientific advancement in the empire; A world without my knowledge, the world would be crawling with illnesses and deadly diseases and people die in huge numbers and if everyone is dead or sick how would the empire advance? This shows health is the most important element of
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