Essay About Illegal Immigrants

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I have chosen to do my persuasive essay on Does Illegal Immigrants Harm the U.S. Economy? Many Americans believes that the illegal immigrants came here to the united states to take jobs away from the Americans. Furthermore, the Americans look at the illegal immigrants as terrorists or invaders. They often get called aliens by law enforcement and I.C.E.

As far back as I can remember, (which was back in 1995) when I first started seeing the illegal immigrants, it seemed like there were not a whole lot of them. Now it is estimated that there are about 12 million illegal immigrants throughout the United States of America. What seems to be the big problem here is that the majority of the Americans believe that the illegal immigrants came here just
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It is not even safe to walk out of your home it is a chance you take every time that you walk out the door. Meanwhile, Americans think that the illegal immigrants came to the United States of America to take our jobs. However, they came here to better their lives and take care of their families. In fact, all these jobs were here before they came. In my opinion, it seems like the Hispanics are the only ones that want to work in a factory killing and butchering chicken. At the same time, Americans believe that the illegal immigrants are working and not paying taxes. That is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, they receive a paycheck, taxes are deducted from them as well as us. Ultimately, at the end of the year, they receive their W2, and they file their taxes. Matter of fact, there are a lot of the immigrants here various different countries on visas therefore, they have permission to be here in the United States of America. Immigrants in the united states (2017, October 4). Retrieved from the immigrants make up a significant part of the shares in the U.S. workforce that are in the range of industries, farming, fishing, and even forestry workers. It goes even as far as nearly 25% of those working in computer
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