Essay About Immigration Discrimination

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On March 29, 2006 people of the Hispanic race walked out in protest to the labor laws. Utahans marched together, young, old, some of other races and religions. I was among the thousands, who believed in equality. As a young, soon to be mother, with feet swollen and my body ready to give up, I marched with my head high and sang “SI SE Puede”. I was shocked at the hatred that many of my neighbors showed upon us. Cans, bags of garbage, feces, dirty diapers, we were spit at, and put down for how we looked. As a confused Hispanic I thought to myself, “This is the country I was born in”? “Really”? With the thousands of people who wanted us gone, who would want to be here? I was embarrassed!! I could no longer call myself a U.S. Citizen. I didn’t want to be part of that crowd.
Now, before you move ahead and think this is another paper on equality, I’m going to stop you right there. I want to give you reasons on why the doors should be left open. I will support my thesis with three supporting facts. Better education, better living and better security.
Who doesn’t want to live like Donald Trump? With mansions for every one of your children. But the many things that illegal immigrants face is the low education efforts given to them in Mexico. The many
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What goes in, must stay in and what comes out, must stay out. Many of the illegal drugs and trafficking was not just created by Hispanics. Ninety percent of the cocaine that enters the U.S. transits through Mexico. Mexico is also a main supplier of marijuana and methamphetamines in the U.S. along with illicit drugs most firearms were traced by the U.S. Government were originated from sales in the U.S. making it a territory for more deaths among families. (CNN. N.p., n.d.
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