Essay About Immigration In America

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Immigration has been part of American history ever since the first people migrated to the Americas when it was first found. Perhaps one of the biggest debates in our country today is on immigration. It has become a big issue in the 21st century because in recent years there has been an enormous number of immigrants coming to the United States of America for a new beginning and a better opportunity. When there is problems in our country, who do we blame it on? Immigrants. To the government, ever since immigrants have come to the country, they’ve been the cause of all of our problems. But what has the government done to help resolve this conflict? How do they act with immigrants? What is other people’s opinion about immigration? What types of programs/organizations have they started to help immigrants out to not cause any problems anymore? Immigrants in U.S. are not necessarily “bad” people, they made a lot of sacrifice and risk to come to the U.S. for freedom and a better opportunity, for the government and people not treat…show more content…
Some education solutions are Dream Act, DACA, and recently they have added DAPA. These programs are here to help young adults go to college and get a degree in what they want to be when they grow up, these programs are both for young adults and adults who want to go to school. The president has been trying to pass the Immigration Reform Act to help immigrants and stop some of the deportation, but hasn’t really succeed in that. For many, including Donald Trump, deporting all of the 12 million immigrants and build a wall, which Mexico will be paying for, is the best solution to all of the immigration problems. They have come up with many good solutions that helps immigrants in their stay here in the United States, and many more that they have come up with but can’t get it to pass through congress because there are many people that do not want them
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