Essay About Imperialism

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Was imperialism good or bad? Imperialism was in between, but it is more yes than no. There were many problems during the imperialism. Some are good and some are bad. Imperialism is good because there became more empire and power, money, increase in naval power, better trade, social darwinism, jingoism and god, better life for others. The first document that was read shows how social darwinism, application of survival of fittest to people, and how people ended up with a better life than before. Document one is about how America became great and how imperialism gave them education, running water, and electricity. Document two shows the spread of american territories and marketing U.S goods. America got more territories during the imperialism. They needed raw materials and new markets to sell U.S goods.The third document shows how we got the Philipines to get more territories, we can trade with closer countries, social darwinism, and to give them a better life than they had. U.S wanted to annex Philippines after war because they were in a great location, close to Asia. Philippines was used for trading. To trade everywhere in Asia. Social darwinism…show more content…
Document four is about how you cannot govern foreign people and their territories. You are thinking they are good, but others may say they aren't because you are giving them liberty and blessings. This document is hypocritical. They were going to give freedom to the Philippines, but then decided to hold back because others thought they couldn't handle it or they are just not ready yet. Document seven is about taking people's rights. This document is about people being forced to change their ways, their culture, their lifestyle. They are getting their freedom denied because of their race or color, life, and the pursuit of
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