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An impersonator may include being an imitator of not only the looks but also the overall character of an artist such as the voice, the way of talking and its manners. Nowadays, impersonators had many ways to imitate aside from their physical appearances and character. Some were good in imitating through cosmetics, voice, even others are lucky to be a look-alike while some undergo surgeries (Park, 2011). According to William (2014), the use of beauty products, make-up and face masks helps in turning oneself into the appearance of someone you idolize. In this, the practice of impersonation evolved in the variation of impersonators, greater development on opportunities, shifts in the proficiency of impersonators and alterations to audience request as the impressions of the participants in the present time’s impersonation.

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Yet, the informants agreed that most impersonators from before were more disciplined. The celebrity impersonator’s role in performing is to act and be the same to give tribute to the celebrity and satisfy its fans through performing (Ferris, 2011). Thus reliving the life of a celebrity becomes one of the reasons of impersonation today. In the emerging popularity of impersonation today comes the behaviour of Filipinos to take everything for granted. Though the demand of audience differs, it was easier today to impersonate.

Impersonation before is still considered impersonation today. There are just alterations and adjustments made from time to time that changes things. The celebrity they imitate also affects their performance, because the audiences are updated with celebrities nowadays and they anticipate the jokes that the impersonators will make. People are not fool to not distinguish the difference of an impersonator to a real celebrity, but to be entertained, they can set the ministrations aside to have fun (Ferris & Harris,

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