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Developed countries are countries with a good level of education, with low literacy rates, and with good human resources. Although Indonesia is not a developed country but Indonesia should also pay attention to education. Especially to be better and to compete with the outside world, Indonesia should improve the education. With good education will certainly produce good human resources and quality as well. The government should also look at the rules and laws on education, whether the regulation has been run with supposed or even different from reality. Indonesia 's education has certainly changed. Seen from the better education that is different from the old. Can be seen also from the regulations are increasingly updated and designed in such…show more content…
In the second precept relates to the education provided fairly. That is all the people of Indonesia do not see the class can feel education, especially 9-year compulsory education that proclaimed the government. The third precept is Persatuan Indonesia. Indonesia adheres to Bhineka Tunggal Ika or different but remains one, Indonesia is also a country with many different religions, tribes and regional languages. That is why education in Indonesia teaches its people to unite despite the various differences. The simplest example is the subject of Civic Education or PKN that carries the purpose of Indonesian unity. The next precept is Democracy, led by the wisdom wisdom in deliberations of representation. The fourth precedence is defined as all policies established by the government must be in accordance with the agreement of the people and the needs of the people, in terms of education, namely the 9-year compulsory education, and the curriculum in Indonesian education. The government must have formulated it wisely and in accordance with the needs of the community. The last precept is social justice for all Indonesians. The essence of this precepts is the same as the second precept which is fair in giving the right to education. All societies are entitled to

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