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Indonesia’s Education Challenges Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world in which almost seventy percent of the population is available as workforce. Geographically, it is the largest archipelago in the world with over than seventeen thousand islands. Furthermore, Indonesia is very diverse in cultures and ethnicities, and has also an abundance of natural resources. With all of the riches, however, there are certain aspects that Indonesia has to develop, especially the education aspect. The limited access to education makes the resources that Indonesia possesses not well explored. The problems regarding Indonesia’s education is quite complex. From the outside, this might be just a minor aspect, but education is an important aspect that determines and affects the development of a country. Currently, Indonesia’s government is working to improve the literacy rate and the percentage of university degree holders in Indonesia. Several steps have been taken in order to provide an adequate education.…show more content…
This is then followed by four years at undergraduate level and two years at graduate level for students pursuing non-vocational studies. The Ministry of Education set a regulation for compulsory education for the first twelve years (from elementary school until senior high school), furthermore government has set the curriculum for schools in Indonesia. Indonesian education system also applies national exam. National exam held in May every year for students who are in grade sixth, ninth, and twelve. To be able to reach higher education level, students have to pass the national exam. The equalization of curriculum and the rule of national exam is made in order to distribute education evenly for the whole

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