Situation Analysis: Basic Life Skills

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Situation Analysis
Reading is a basic life skill. Undeniably, it is a vital receptive and survival mechanism to get through life. Reading goes along in the day to day routine, from doing the simplest household chores to the more complex following instructions in the world of work. One must read to understand what he does; likewise, he needs to understand what he reads to comprehend reality. Inarguably, reading is one of the most important contrivances in life. Reading has been defined innumerable ways; however, all of them point out to one direction that reading and understanding are combined (Akyol, 2010). Reading is not just decoding words from print: the fundamental point is comprehension. In other words, reading does not mean anything
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Nonetheless, results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) continue to show that majority of students enter high school lacking the proficiency to read with full comprehension and understanding (U.S. Department of Education 2009). While it is encouraging that small improvements in adolescent reading skills have occurred since the conception of the study in 2005, still only a third of students nationally are reading at a proficient level, and a quarter do not possess a basic level of reading as they enter high school. This slight progression in literacy, however, is enough to serve as a beachhead to achieve bigger change or difference in the literacy level of each…show more content…
Furthermore, Celce- Murcia (1996) claimed the reader is supposed to draw information from a text and then combine it with information he has. Perfetti and Adlof (2012) claimed that reading comprehension entails cognitive processes that operate on many different kinds of knowledge to achieve many different kinds of reading tasks. Ronan (2015) considered that the comprehension of a text is made up of smaller pieces which must come together in perfect harmony: background knowledge, interest in the topic, vocabulary skills, and the ability to make inferences and judgments are all required, along with many other skills.
Numerous studies and experimentations on enhancing reading comprehension continue to proliferate in the world of research. Different teaching approaches and methods have been explored and incorporated in teaching in the hypothesis that reading skills will be enhanced and that reading status will be improved. In line with this, Dadijowijojo (1996) regarded Suggestopedia as one of the five sophisticated approaches in language teaching aside from Community Language Learning, Total Physical Response, The Natural Approach, and The Silent

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