Essay About Islamic Culture

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This chapter presents the literature of culture, the Arabic Islamic culture to be specific. Also presents the literature of social media and its different types, with its influence on the elderly and the Arab culture. Furthermore, explores the influence of culture on IT and IT on culture, as a whole including social media.

2.2 What is culture?
The term culture is defined by many authors & scholars based on their own concepts in more than one way. For example, many identify culture by discussing how culture has been sculpted in numerous studies as ideologies, articulate sets of beliefs, uncomplicated assumptions, and common sets of core values, key understandings, and trust. Others suggest that culture includes clearer, observable cultural artifacts such as norms, practices, symbols, language, ideology, rituals, myths, and ceremony. Some also make this distinction between tacit and unambiguous modules of culture, describing the tacit aspect as ideational while the more explicit artifacts of culture are referred to as material. Basic assumptions are at the core of culture and represent the belief systems that individuals have toward human behavior, relationships, reality, and truth. These basic assumptions represent cognitive structures that people use to observe situations and to makes sense of ongoing events, activities and human relationships. Certain simple and very brief suggestion for the definition of culture is general
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In this sense, values can be seen as a set of social norms that define the rules or context for social interaction through which people act and communicate, according to specific authors. These social norms have an impact on subsequent behaviors of individuals through acting as a means of social control that sets the expectations and boundaries of appropriate behaviors for them. (Leidner D, Kayworth T,
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