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What we didn't know about Japan
There are many different types of cultures around the world not all cultures have the same thing as other ones. They all have different food,clothings,sports,religions and etc. I will be doing my research paper on the Japanese culture. I will be talking about the different foods they have,their sports,different things in their culture,manga and anime and, traditional clothing. I have always been interested in the Japanese culture and Japan in general because i've seen pictures and movies with their Japanese parades in them and it looked very interesting to me because of how they bring out the Japanese dragon in the parade.
Japanese people are famous for their authentic meals in every Japanese household. Japanese breakfast includes rice miso soup and some side dishes like dried seaweed,salad,pickles,grilled shrimps and rolled omelet. For lunch,they usual food will be rice bowls or noodles. For rice bowls they have the famous beef bowls also called gyudon and for noodles they have udon and soba noodles those are two of their favorite noodles. Lunch also includes a plate of
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Manga are Japanese comic books. Magna books are generally printed in black and white and cover a wide variety of genres and subject matter at both sexes and all ages. Themes include romance,action adventures,science fiction,comedy,sports and also venture into darker subject matters for adults such as horror. Characters also have oversized eyes through which artists are able to convey emotions more easily. Some popular manga comics are AstroBoy, Doraemon, Dragon Ball. Anime is Japanese animation.The difference between manga and anime is the colour, movement and sounds bring the anime to life. The most important thing is the theme song. Some anime shows are Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Black Butler, Sailor Moon and

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