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“The Discovery of Jazz Music “ Every music around the world has its own history, the instruments, rhythms, and even the compositions have their own origins. Music is a tool because it is used as a way of communicating with other individuals. It is very powerful because it can express a person’s emotions or feelings such as grief, sadness, happiness, love, and even those emotions which cannot be explained or be expressed.
Jazz music is like a language. It is a language that musicians use to express their emotions on a specific moment or the emotions that they are feeling while they are performing. It is unique and diverse that the musicians improvise music within the spur of the moment which makes Jazz music much more interesting and different
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He became one of the pioneers and even titled as “the King of Jazz” in the Philippines. He is an entertainer who came back to the Philippines, returning with his newfound love for jazz along with him and formed his own group with the love and passion towards Jazz music, soon after it, it ushered its way to the golden age of jazz in the country. Pinoy Jazz and its predecessor, Bodebil, has mirrored its African-American origins, and that it was a catharsis for a struggling people. It became something that expressed the thoughts and emotions of the Filipinos. It became a medium for Filipinos to vent out their frustrations on the new government, the new situations, and the new world. It also paved its way in trying to reclaim the lives of the devastated Filipino families during the World War II. (Reynante, 2016) Jazz music became so popular in the Philippines not just because of the aesthetic value into it, it became popular because of its power to reflect the circumstances and situations of the Filipinos having a hard time or going through. Because of its popularity, Pinoy Jazz became iconic in the Philippines with the people, which paved its way into giving birth into new icons, contributed not only to the music industry of the Philippines. (Reynante,

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