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I identify myself as Jean Valjean in the story. Valjean was a poor guy who was sentenced to be an oarsman for stealing a loaf of bread for his niece. He could not get any job after he was released because of his ex-convict’s passport. He ended up staying at a local bishop’s house and stole silver dishes. He got caught by the gendarmes, but the bishop forgave Valjean and even gave him more silver. If I was in that situation where I have to steal something in order to help a loved one, I would definitely do it. Of course, it is not right to do things against the law like Valjean did. I would usually obey the law, but I am willing to sacrifice myself in other ways to help loved ones. Even if this action could bring negative consequences, I would still do it for…show more content…
He also taught people through words, but it had a greater impact when He showed actions throughout the Bible. For example, when Jesus made Peter walk on water, He did not explain or give any instructions to Peter. Rather, He just made Peter try without questioning anything to Jesus. Peter learned his lesson right after he experienced that. The bishop’s action was not effective because it showed that the bishop was on Jean Valjean’s side. Instead, the bishop did not pick any side in the story, but showed his grace by helping a person who was not welcome anywhere. The bishop would act the same way if his housekeeper or any other person stole his property. He valued a human life more than his silverware. The bishop afforded the greatest gift of grace to Jean Valjean.This story can help me deal with others who wrong me by applying myself to the bishop. The way bishop acted in the story was very similar to how God taught us through the Bible. God showed unexpected acts of kindness to everyone even a person who wronged Him, like the crucified thief. The bishop was like Jesus. He showed his unexpected grace to Jean Valjean because he valued a person’s life over his

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