Essay About Jem Accident

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STORY ENDING TO KILL MOCKING BIRD for two months in a coma, finally jem sober as well. father and younger brother are very happy and do not forget to say gratitude for healing jem. after a few days of rest, jem finally resumed his schooling activity. the situation is now different from the situation before jem accident. he who was so excited to go to school, always got compliments from teachers because intelligence and diligence now everything is gone there is only laziness and lack of passion shown jem physical effects are now less good compared to the previous. however, because it gets any support from those closest to jem finally got a new strength to stay motivated to continue their education. one year later at the beginning of the new semester, school hours in coming transfer student from out of town. The student named Enjel. The new school classmates together Enjel Jem. jem coincidence bench next to empty, Muti mother immediately told Enjel to sit next jem. straight long-haired woman, with brown eyes, has a…show more content…
This year they were both entered high school, and one high school grade to be exact. they both chose the same school and there they met back. a pair of friends who have grown up with the help of the neighborhood, has now understand each other feeling like the opposite sex. since junior high school to jell completely unaware that his friend put more feelings towards jem.enjel very fond jem and not at all concerned about the shortage of which is owned jem. on the high school they became acquainted with new friends, physical, behavior, habits in their show is very different with friends in junior high. one of them is a girl of royal blood, the child respected in the city. though both his parents are very rich, he did not brag about it. He is very gentle, friendly, and willing to be friends with anyone. the child's name is Tiara Mahesa, commonly called Tiara. tiara and enjel class, while the adjacent jem its
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