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Throughout time music has evolved to make its listeners feel connected to the songs. There are many different genres of music that speak to us, including country, rock, jazz, classical, opera, rap and many more. While many people love to listen to music, including myself, there is something more to love. For me the best part about music is being able to read and sing it yourself, to be able to know exactly when you are supposed to start, when you should sing louder or sing a higher pitch. While singing is fun, it’s interesting to know how much work is put into making and reading the songs. My journey through music started with my parents. One year, on Valentines day, my mom recorded herself singing a song and put it on a CD for my dad. My father would play that song for me in the car and told me my mom was singing and I would be so excited. I have always thought my mom had a beautiful voice and I have always wished I could sing like her. While my mom has a gorgeous voice, my dad makes music fun and exciting. In the car my dad has all of us form an imaginary band. He would always have my brothers play the imaginary base and guitar and he would play the imaginary drums. My father always “gave” me the imaginary microphone and we would all sing our hearts out and play our…show more content…
Choir showed me how to be patient with myself and others. When learning the music it takes a long time to get it just right, teaching you how to be patient. Choir also helped me learn how to work with other people. When we all sing we have to blend together to make it sound beautiful. It has also taught me to be responsible. During regionals I had to remember to practice the music on my own and remember to go to rehearsals to learn the music. Regionals also helped me be more independent. I had to read the music on my own sometimes and I was on my own when it came to tryouts. Overall choir has made a positive impact on
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