Essay About Juvenile Delinquency

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What underlying problems revolve around Juvenile Delinquency? Throughout the years Juvenile Delinquency has been a major problem in the whole world. It has contributed to the increasing crime rate and it grows at an alarming pace. The Philippine government faces a considerable problem in deciding whether they should or should not imprison the miscreants of the problem, the juveniles. While it is said that juveniles cause problems in the country, there may be an underlying problem that they face that moves them to do the crimes, like the environment where they live in or the influence they got from the people surrounding them. As stated by Senator Santiago (2012), “Criminal Justice should never be a controlling paradigm for children, especially for those who have committed non-heinous offenses. Even in heinous crimes, the intention should still be the child’s restoration, rehabilitation, and reintegration. It is in these cases, where diversion could be utilized to help in the protection and rehabilitation of the child.” Juveniles who have committed crimes in the Philippines should not be penalized because there are plausible reasons why they do the crime, and there is still a chance for them to reform. A child’s reasoning is still developing where he/she still cannot differentiate right from wrong, so there should be underlying problems that moves the child to commit crime. A child’s mind is usually motivated by the environment where they live and interact.
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