Essay About Keeping Feather

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Bobby made the right decision about keeping Feather. From the beginning of the story, Bobby has been described as an awesome father who cares for Feather and willing to do anything to keep her happy and healthy. He has struggled with several things such as college, family, and parenting Feather. But apart from all the hardships, he was willing to be a good parent. He had an option to give Feather for adoption but he didn’t to such act as he knows when Feather grows up, people will taunt her and that will impact her life in a negative way. Bobby love towards Feather makes me think he can’t stay away from her for a long time. There are several examples from the text to support that Bobby made the right decision. One example is, “I look at the…show more content…
Feather should have been raised by her maternal/paternal grandparents rather than given for adoption. Her grandparents will raise her with love, care, and provide an excellent education. They can teach her not to make the same mistake her parents made when they were young. Feather grandparents have more experience in life about good and bad things and can teach her to be a better, happy, and strong person. They can give her a better upbringing than a stranger. Bobby made the right choice by moving to Ohio as his parents live there. They can take care of Feather while Bobby can find a job and pay for his and Feather expenses. This is a great way for Bobby to start a new life with Feather. If he works hard, he could give Feather a better education and healthy lifestyle. Maybe one day he could have his own house, car, and business. In conclusion, Bobby and Mia made a mistake but now it’s time for Bobby to step up and start a new life with Feather. He must work hard but in the end, the rewards are massive. He should raise Feather and make her a great person someone who could make him proud one day. He should tell her not to make the same mistake her parents made once. One day he will be proud he made the right choice keeping
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